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‘”Between Two Worlds” was inspired by a desire to offer an alternative to the ongoing stereotyping of immigrants based on their origins, religions and skin color. Being an immigrant myself, this is a social issue that I care deeply about. By introducing the Middle Eastern/Eastern Mediterranean musical traditions into my Jazz compositions, as well as the rich musical colors and rhythms that I grew up with to the different audiences around the U.S., I hope to promote a better appreciation for immigrants and their cultures.’

~ George Lernis


June 18, 2022  |  7:30pm |  St. Paul’s Parish Malden

Introductory Remarks

Souad Akib and Abdessamad Zouhir



Sailing Beyond

“Betweeen Two Worlds” Suite

I.   Origins
II.  ZIkir
III. Arrival
Kalinihta (Goodnight)

A time of Questions and Discussion

Special thanks to Saint Paul’s leadership for the generous hospitality and use of the beautiful space and piano. Particular thank yous to Lisa Porro, Anthony Dickinson, and Glenn Ringdahl for invaluable assistance and support.