We thank the following sponsors for contributing funds, time, facility, and resources to this concert and subsequent workshop.

St. Paul’s Parish is a welcoming congregation that serves the Malden community in so many important ways. Aside form accommodating a myriad of social service groups, they value the arts and love that musicians of all kinds can fill the halls with music and connection.

Preotle Lane & Associates, is a thoughtful developer that is recently known for the beautiful River’s Edge complex of residential, commercial and office spaces situated by a beautifully designed riverside park. John Preotle, its CEO and lead developer, is known in Malden as a kind philanthropist who values the arts as vital for community and business health.

Sum Studios is a safe, clean, cool & collaborative environment that embraces the needs of Boston’s talented and diverse community of artists.  From recording, rehearsal & performance to video, photography & visual arts; your creative space awaits you. Sum Studios is led by Bob Logan, a generous and clever music business entrepreneur who believes in collaborating across creative disciplines. 

Artful Webs is a creative endeavor, led by Ose Schwab, that seeks to build a network of artists (broadly speaking) who use their creative skills for the benefit of humanity and are generous in spirit.