Christo Tsiaras

Christo Tsiaras created the projections for this concert. He also created the Album Promo Video, and is a dear friend and supporter of George Lernis. 

About himself, Christo writes, 

Known to my friends, clients and colleagues simply as Christo, I have been part of the production community in Boston since 1982. Since then, I have worked as an editor, director and creative at Computer Pictures, National Boston Video and Videocraft Productions and my clients have included leading ad agencies like Arnold Worldwide and Hill, Holiday. In addition, I have produced, directed and edited pieces for Fortune 500 corporations, filmmakers, directors and independent producers. I have won numerous awards for my television commercials, music videos, thoughtful documentaries and corporate videos. My intuitive sense of rhythm and style, has enabled me to take clients from concept to completion with confidence and ease.

In addition to my film and video work, I picked up my first still camera in 1996 and started shooting the world around me. You can see my photographic work by going to my blog:

My latest venture has been the CD cover and booklet for the CARS new album, Move Like This.