Sharing this moment in Malden

NOTE TO STAFF: This is just a test. I could not embed on MATV website so I did it here. Here is a sampling of what the tool can do. It is a social media wall that collects/aggregates posts in specific social media accounts or with specific hashtags. Ignore the header on this website (it is my blog).


We are all in this global moment together, enduring the challenges of the pandemic. Though tough, we find goodness and learning along the way – if only the knowing that we are in this together. Here is a wall that reflects posts from our community. Perhaps this will help us be connected in spirit – even if virtually for a while.

We invite you to join our journey along this wall by posting your video, picture, or thoughts using hashtag #BLA BLA BLA WHATEVER WE DECIDE. We will collect some of these posts and create a video in a month. In the meantime, be part of this wall by posting on twitter, instagram, youtube, or facebook using broader #inittogether and the local…

UMA will offer new posts to add your content onto this wall each week: this week….is …..

NOTE: this wall is just a test. currently it is relying on hashtags #malden and #songsofcomfort just to show how it aggregates posts. There are a few design tweaks we can make, when we are ready – if we choose this tool.