Creative Economy Initiative in Malden

Define – Describe the creative economy: what is it? Forums, talks, literature, speaker from Boston.

Identify – Identify who and what entities are part of the Creative Economy. Include them in some list, Creative Ground initially, and later a local option.

Introduce – With a marketing campaign, introduce the creative economy and its members to Malden as an economic entity, offering new residents a path to plug in.

Connect – Connect participants to each other through networking opportunities. Connect the community to the members, through directory, calendar of events/opportunities to witness, and a way to invite

Ideate – generate ideas for how to move forward in Malden

Nourish – Offer opportunities for support, help, networking, space, and showcasing to the members of the Creative Economy.

Employ – Encourage Malden to utilize the Creative Economy in some campaign that promotes individuals or incentivizes employment/contractual work etc. in Malden (like buy local) for contract work, employment, creative thinking, design thinking, marketing material, art in offices, signage, events