I like coffee shops. They hum with discussion, writing, thought. That deliciously dark and aromatic liquid is imbibed in its varying degree of strength. And though not all countries have had this coffee culture, gatherings to discuss and share a drink of some sort is a custom that we can trace back to various forms.

For the european world, “salons from 1600-1800s were a noteable place the wealthy or well-socialized met.

I know people are creating. People with pen in ear hunch over laptops. Manuscripts colored with red sprawl across bistro tables. Conversations buzz a cacophony over lattes. I feel the energy. I like it. And I go to such places often.

But over such hum in coffee shops I  prefer the collective listening and chatter that come with the embrace of an invitation and gathering amongst friends. In accord with delicacies spread with hospitable care such company brought together for fun and exchange surpass dark liquid and exclusive tables. For in a salon  we are are invited. And we convene about ideas together.