Inside Malden | Ideas and Stories that Inspire

Grant-funded program produced by MATV’s Neighborhood View, a talk show and podcast that introduces Malden to itself through introspective conversations with Malden changemakers


Reimagining Pictures at an Exhibition

Pictures at an Exhibition2 is a series of multimedia offerings that will feature visual and performance art by adults in and around Malden and young adult students who attend one of the high schools in Malden. These creations are to be inspired in some way by Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition.”


Creative Economy Initiative in Malden

A coordinated effort to identify, assess, and harness the creative economy of Malden. This effort is grassroots and aims to pull together all artists, cultural organizations, performance, and design-related entities and individuals to form an alliance of deliberate, organized, and effective efforts to identify, bring together and harness this vital part of Malden.