When I am asked if I am an artist, I feel much like the caterpillar in pupae – not yet winged and flying. Yes, an artist at heart I play violin, have sung with a Nordic vocal ensemble, dabble in design, and painted one kitchen wall the color of California poppies. I have also discovered that I am a conceptual artist. I can produce an experience with different disciplines, threading a theme to hold it together along many layers. Some examples of work are listed on the Malden Creates website.

Art sustains me. It combines the universal and unique in a chord (accord) so I am reminded that I am human and like you, but I am an individual and special too.

I have known music and art at close hand since birth and before. Both parents designed and created in various ways. My mother an artist and Dad a scientist and amateur musician and impresario. Their ancestors also excelled in some aspect of arts. On my mothers side, an illustrator of biological specimens, Borgny Bay Landergren, and a pioneer of geochemistry in Sweden Sture Landergren . Ernest Manheim, my paternal grandfather, was a composer and sociologist.Headshot by Joe Turner Photography http://joeturnerphotography.com/

After years working in healthcare, high tech, with a good dose of Non-profit experience, I have come back to a place of focus I never really left. For in all my endeavors, artistry was there – in my appreciation for aesthetics, love of balance and design, appreciation for the creative spirit, love of stories, and more. I know that art makes a difference for anyone though not everyone may realize this until they are caught in that web.