This photo of Lincoln is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The deCordova Scupture Park and Museum in Lincoln is worlds away from city cement and traffic. Its a 35 minute drive for me but a mental hurdle to climb out of the daily obligations and email.

Wood clapboard houses, larger lots, and trees note a different terrain. This and a gleeful absence of many cars. Winding, two-way roads, carve a meandering curve in bucolic landscape where horses roam, artful and a bit less manicured lots welcome the natural habitat that the houses tuck into.

This photo of Lincoln is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Trees all around, this should not be a rushed visit. It calls for space and time to breathe in a different space than 9 to 5, android, iPhone, and Internet emails. I park and wish I had a day for unwinding. And though birds chirp their plea, I leave after the meeting to greet my home obligations.

Oh the curse of demands on time. But I promise self, “I will return.”

Need I schedule it? Is that what will take me out of daily urbanity?


And to you who read this, ask me again, have I scheduled the time? Have I gone? What was it like?