Here is a list of ever-evolving links to resources that artists, organizations, art-enthusiasts might find useful. There is so much on the Internet that we miss because of the abundance.  Most of these links I have run across in my travels and just want to quickly share.  If YOU find links you think are useful for this discussion – please add them at the bottom of this list.

Art and Culture Connection
Art In and Around Malden
(What is happening in Malden and close at hand.)
Art Web Design
Art wells
(Sources of art in traditional and unlikely places.)
Artful Leading
(Accounts, descriptions, and stories of the type of leading that enables graceful adaption to turbulent days and respectful harnessing of every member of society.)
Artist Support Resources
(Arts and culture happenings to view, hear, and engage with around Boston.)
(Artists acting like entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs acting like artists.)
Arts advocacy
Arts Education
Arts Planning
(Tools, resources, examples of help to plan arts programs, endeavors, outreach.)
(Art opportunities, events, contests, initiatives that you can tune into.)
(Examples of many disparate disciplines, ideas, stakeholders coming together to form something new.)
Cool Online Tools
(Stuff online that makes life easier, more effective, and accessible.)
Creative Economy
(References to and resources about about the creative economy worldwide.)
Culture and Arts Centers
(Centers of arts and culture in the Greater Boston area.)
Freshly Read
(Money you must file papers for but that earn you some recognition and a structure to work within.)
Idea pools
(Oh such interesting thinking that flows consistently, almost quenching my ideas thirst.)
Just viewed
Mass Arts Initiatives
(Initiatives I have encountered - where someone is spreading or encouraging art display, learning, presence, awareness....)
Mass Creative Economy
(Resources, articles, information about the Creative Economy in Massachusetts.)
Musicians of Note
Non-Profit Resources
(Good information and resources for non-profit management.)
Online Art Calendars
Online ARTspaces
(Places to "hang" art, show art, upload art (as in music, images, etc.)
Online Communities
(Communities that empower, enable, encourage arts or the business of art.)
Visual Artists of Note

If you have a cool link to add, feel free to do so here