This event, an exhibition of visual art inspired by poetry, took place in 2015. But, I re-post it here reminding self of how wonderful to cross inspire each other across the arts.

“Blue Witness” (for poem “Dew from Heaven”) Collage: gouache and acrylic paper cut-outs, by Jen Moltoni


Artist Lisa Sears said she thought maybe the adult in the room would dis her idea to collect poems and invite artists to paint in between the lines.

It sounds like she thinks adults might crush creative inclinations. Or maybe there is that critic we think is adult-like that in fact is a child dressing up in high heals. Truth is we all have an inner child delighting in the fun of creating. And this is what Lisa Sears enabled for many participants – including visitors to the opening. She provided a safe line that we could follow to discover a space to connect with others in a meaningful and imaginative way.


Lines connecting lines is the name of the initiative to connect poetry with visual arts. The call for poems gathered a pool for visual artists to choose from. They were invited to select a poem to interpret using color, design, and form. The results were exhibited at the MATV art gallery. And on the occasion of the opening, March 26, poets read their poems, artists spoke of their process and what inspired them. Folks mingled, remarking on the synergy that seemed to glisten.

In my opinion, it does not get any better than this. One person steps beyond the line of comfort, throws off the uncomfortable high heals, no longer pretends to be “Adult,” and celebrates the creating aspect of life.

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