#IHaveHope because “Dance Haiti” exists


Do you? If so, add it to #900StoriesOfHope, a gallery-in-process of #IHaveHope stories from all corners of the world. This campaign, hosted by Project Have Hope, exists to remind us all of hope‘s universal power to affect individual and collective change.

As an example of this kind of hope, Jean Appolon Summer Dance Institute, happening right now in @ The Hotel Oloffson in Port Au Prince, is giving 80 young aspiring dancers in Haiti free training in dance, character development, and meals this summer.

Grant and supporter-funded, this initiative of care and hope, “serving young, aspiring Haitian dancers who do not have regular access to dance education,” is part of a larger dream. Founder Jean Appolon wants to help nurture his home country Haiti by offering Haitian youth community, mentorship, rigorous dance training, and a deep appreciation for the rich culture of Haiti.

For more information and to support Dance Haiti, visit jeanappolonexpressions.org.





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