In the new podcast, Culture Matters in Malden, I along with my friend Papi interview David Arteaga, a saxophonist, composer, and arranger. David is a thoughtful person with so much to say about how we should interact not just while we play music but all the time. He calls the members of his David Arteaga Quartet – Max Ridley, Dave Fox, and Plamen Karadonev – generous. He explains. They are excellent musicians able to improvise and plug in to any musical situation with courage and flexibility. He also says that they are wonderful human beings. They care. They engage. They play for a human why that transcends ego.

The other notable gesture David Arteaga shares with the world is his Jazz Jam Sessions at the Lily Pad. He runs this regular jam session to inspire further jazz engagement and enjoyment. It is his gift to us for no other reason than his love for jazz.

The Culture Matters podcast celebrates Malden’s diverse culture and modes of expression. It uses art and culture as a lens to explore themes relevant to Malden.