I hope we are on the way to a better, more generous, equitable, thriving society today 2014.  Some are pessimistic.

I am optimistic. Why, because we have so much history and wisdom to draw from. We  have access to stores of information that have been collected by many.  And the frame of a website, database, book, we can learn about times past, thinking pure, nature prominent.

I am curious about what might happen if we today gleaned some nuggets from individuals who survived and navigated life with simple tools. These tools, like the Polynesian wayfinding mechanism did not  run on batteries, did not show north and south. It was just a simple frame that when held up to the stars guided the path. It gave understanding about where a sailor was in relation to where he was going.

I am not suggesting a romanticized backtracking trail, but rather observing the qualities essential for successful use of such a tool and the awareness of self and surroundings that was required to survive.

Maybe there is some wisdom to glean – to merge simple participating in a natural world with sophisticated instrumentation and infrastructure.