Design Thinking Our Way to A Better Future

IBM has embraced design thinking as a product-to-market way. It capitalizes on empathy, multidisciplinary teaming, and reflection. Design thinking, a way to operate and approach opportunity does more than enable creative outcomes. It actually shifts management style and perspectives and integrates teams. It capitalizes on a productive practice not only for products but for society. It celebrates a kind of regard for one another that encourages a listen-first-judge-and-plan-later approach.



For my part, Design Thinking captures how I operate in that, there is no linear step by step progress from idea to output. Its messy and requires a back and forthing from idea to testing to awareness of issues/concerns/factors to consider and to refining the intent of the idea. This process can confound participants and on-lookers. And so, a bit of angst and uncertainty is part and parcel of this approach.


Without clarity about the methodology -and thinking my creative process can feel and appear as just adhoc impulse acting and spontaneously intuiting my way forward. But knowing that there is a process that in fact designers, leaders, and entrepreneurs use, has allowed me to have compassion on the messy nature of the back and forthing such a methodology entails.
For unlike a linear process where the end goal has been clearly defined and the steps to getting there happen predictably one after the other, design thinking allows for some back and forth improvisation before the final solution and end goal is clarified. –
What it is?

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