I stumbled upon the Craft Emergency Relief Fund today. What a treasure. They help equip artists to thrive, supporting artists when they have trouble. And their inspiration and mission is as follows…

Our Inspiration

If art is America’s common wealth, artists are its most precious asset. Artists reflect our deepest emotions through their creative expressions. They contribute to our national cultural heritage and to the quality of life in our communities. Both their work and their stories are inspiring.

The lack of a safety-net for professional artists working in craft disciplines when personal or natural disasters strike was the impetus in 1985 for a group of artists and show producers to create the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. From a modest, grass roots mutual aid organization, we have emerged as one of the leading voices for safeguarding artists’ livelihoods to ensure that they are as well protected as America’s art treasures. We envision a future in which all professional artists can thrive in communities across the United States.

CERF+’s Mission

CERF+ is a national artists’ service organization whose mission is to safeguard and sustain the careers of artists working in craft disciplines and provide emergency resources that benefit all artists. CERF+ accomplishes its mission through these programs and initiatives:

  • Emergency Relief
  • Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Resources
  • Emergency Preparedness Educational Programs
  • Artist Preparedness Campaign
  • National Coalition for Arts Preparedness & Emergency Response
  • Research on the Needs & Status of Working Artists