Category: Salons

We know of the salon, the luxurious space and hospitality offered by influential patrons of the art – often women, often beautiful – offering a place to discuss and share ideas, creations, and issues. Today, my evolution of this concept is an intentional space and time to invite curious, creating, and caring individuals to learn from one another with hopes that some new understanding or innovation will emerge.

Far into the lush green of a meadow and tree-laden country road, I found the Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum a welcome break from a hot summers day in Boston. That interruption helped me understand a people who live only an hour away but centuries from consciousness. At the crest of a rounded drive adjacent to […]

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Ose Manheim, Storyland Birches

Rain on the outside, color inside is an apt description of  a weekend that gathered 42 artists and samplings of their work for the annual Melrose Arts Festival. In one Friday afternoon, Memorial Hall is transformed. From a big blank space emerges displays of blown glass in every color imaginable, collages that combine bone, photography, […]

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A Turkish Coffee-House, Constantinople

I like coffee shops. They hum with discussion, writing, thought. That deliciously dark and aromatic liquid is imbibed in its varying degree of strength. And though not all countries have had this coffee culture, gatherings to discuss and share a drink of some sort is a custom that we can trace back to various forms. […]

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