Impact Hub Boston

From the Impact Hub Boston website

Are you looking to change the world? Are you an artist or a creative professional? Consider Impact Hub Boston. It’s a hip alternative to working solo.

In but not of the Finance District

IN but not OF the Financial District

Impact Hub Boston is more than a shared workspace.  An offshoot and modified version of CIC, it is an “innovative and globally connected space that inspires individuals to become world changers.”

Members get office area, Internet, meeting rooms, events, engagement with other members, community lunches, and a boundless cup of coffee and tea from the open and well-stocked community kitchen.

Located on the 17th floor of 50 Milk Street, this work arrangement offers a view of the Financial District without the traditional feel of an office. And what is most impressive in this atmosphere is a positivity that opens members up to think and work effectively without the fear of mistakes and scarcity.

On the day of my visit to Impact Hub Boston, I encountered the construction of 50 Milk Street’s ground floor Cafe and lobby. Rather than a big glass entrance with turnstiles, a guard desk, and many elevator banks, I walked through a door I knew to be the entrance by its label. I stepped into the “work in progress” abuzz with activity, much like what I imagined a thriving and innovative work environment to be.

Welcomed by Shaina Semiatin and later Katie Schultz, both obviously loving their twin roles as Lead Host and Community Director, I was taken on a tour, fed community lunch, introduced to Geoff Mamlet, President, and adequately impressed that this place could be a catalyst for good individually and collectively.

A haven for the idealist who needs to overcome obstacles or the artist who needs extra business help, this hub of exchanges and support no doubt dissolves the impediments to mission accomplished. A complement to the studio or studio indeed, it could be the launch floor to affecting change in this world.

I am convinced! Impact Hub Boston is a find that should not be kept secret.

mikstreetGo ahead, prepare your mug and check out what’s brewing at 50 Milk Street 17th floor. You may be pleasantly surprised to find bottomless abundance that will empower you to achieve the good you intend.