During a stay on the island of Monhegan in Maine, I noted an early morning web. Spun along a pillar and a step, the Webs strands of silk caught early morning dew. In pearls strung against misty-colored wild rose and honeysuckle, I noted that I might not have noticed dew but for the web.

So it is with connectedness of various kinds. The networks, collaboration, awareness, and synchrony that surpass the sum of the parts. This is what is so interesting and needed in an hour of tumult.

We are all asking how we will survive? How can we save the planet? how can we obliterate racism and colonialism? How can enough people find work and meaning – across the board of humanity?

What is my responsibility? What is my work? How do I act from my most authentic place so that others benefit?

I notice that artists and other creative beings manage to understand this thing called connection. They dance together, harmonize, collaborate on songs, play together in consort. Its a given that certain modes of expression rely on that abandoned listening and working together. Lots to learn from groups that perform and play. But of course they are not the only ones with the answers on how to network our way to a better society.

There are, however, some clues by their efforts that are worth paying attention to.

I imagine our world as a giant web – with the jewels of dew shining at dawn. These are the nodes of interconnection that inform the masterpiece our together living will yield.

This blog celebrates such threads that make real the spirit of longing for expression, equity, health, connectivity, oneness. It celebrates the giving together that brings about change. It features the stories of heroes who understand unity and what it means to let ourselves be part of something bigger than ourselves. it will underscore the vital aspect of diversity of thought, being, and contribution to yield the robust solutions we all need in this dire hour.