Web from Monhegan


There are so many organizations, groups, and movements wanting to bring art to life in a way that nourishes (or dare I say saves) community. What if they all surpassed their own wild dreams of impact? 

Seven years ago, I asked a different set of questions. I asked what does art enable and what enables art. Those questions still interest me, but more fundamental to achieving any results in important work have moved me to focus a bit more on the structures that underpin any community endeavor involving arts (or anything really).

I am moved to focus on some best practices, principles, and examples that community leaders can use in their work to identify the blocks of impact and remove them. Things like lack of funding, human resources, good infrastructure/processes, generative leadership, vision or useful planning are common challenges so many groups face. 

This blog captures some ideas and practices for nonprofit or grassroots arts & culture community initiatives. The posts come from my own research into movements and methodologies. They are also generated from direct experience – hearkening back to my role in a high tech startup working to help construction/design teams collaborate, working as a life coach, building community in my own city, and many arts and culture projects.

I believe, under the examples of successful initiatives are webs of practice, principle, and process that allow those with an idea to have great results – beyond imagination. I hope this blog will illuminate some threads of understanding – or even better – equip you and your group to design a web of arts-infused impact.