During a stay on the island of Monhegan in Maine, I noted an early morning web. Spun along a pillar and a step, the Webs strands of silk caught early morning dew. In pearls strung against misty-colored wild rose and honeysuckle, I noted that I might not have noticed dew but for the web.

So it is with work of artists and creative professionals. Carried on walls, held on the stage – these pieces need the hum of lights and pull of curtains to announce what has been created. The buzz in anticipation of such creations: the campaigns, the websites, the advocacy, the press releases, the funds, the grants, the volunteers, the organizations, the city, the businesses, the sponsors  – they are the network that hold such jewels of living steady and strung together. And so, those who benefit can look at  a moment of dew that takes captive what makes us proud and thrilled to be.

This blog celebrates such threads that make real the spirit of longing for expression and color. It features stories about:

  • Artful thinking ;
  • Frameworks that exist making arts accessible to many;
  • News of strands that attract creativity on stage and off;
  •  The effects of art on capacity for generosity and creativity.