Honing my message and inquiry, I have restarted this blog with an evolved theme – to explore how to build generous and creative community – looking to artists as thought leaders giving us examples to learn from and experience.

When I first initiated this blog, I asked two questions:  What enables art? What does art enable? Those are HUGE questions that have any number of answers in all kinds of categories.

In my work initiating opportunities for all kinds of artists to create locally, I discovered that among those I loved working with lurked a distinct quality – “generosity.”. This generosity has first to do with the enormous investment any discipline of art requires. It also has to do with the purpose of art, the willingness to help other fellow artists along the way, and an openness and commitment beyond one’s own agenda.

This intrigue led to my own personal reflection about what was I striving for in this art and community work? I decided I want creative and generous community. But let me explain.

I don’t mean that the community I want to be part of consists only of artists bringing plates of cookies to new neighbors. What I mean is that there is an inherent space given to one another to explore, ask questions, be curious, try and fail, have compassion on, and embrace differences of all kinds without immediate judgement. I mean that in such an atmosphere where people express themselves freely and yet respectfully inquire of the other side, and differences collide – perhaps a spirit of innovative problem solving and vibrant engagement emerges.

Yep, I am idealistic. I admit it. But, that won’t stop me from trying to push my non agenda of connection across time, culture, experience, and belief. 

This blog is my musings through readings, projects, interviews, media, art, and ideas that I share freely with you and invite you to reflect and respond. It is an emerging collection of art-inspired hints to building and being a creative and generous community.