I did it. I had to. The needs were obvious, the energy bursting.

I live in Malden, a city of 60,000 or so. We have great diversity in our city, more than any other city in Massachusetts. Such diversity can be a great tool if harnessed. Diversity of thought can encourage innovation. But that is not a given. It happens when the people connect and thoughts bounce off one another.

At a time when artists are clamoring for studio space, space to show, and halls to perform in, it is clear that Malden needs a coordinating force, not necessarily another group but an investment of thought and resources to consider how to capitalize on the creative resources that exist in Malden.

Those resources range from spaces, such as Jenkins Auditorium, to artists and performers, to businesses, and to residents who are eager and willing to volunteer and invest in areas of interest.

So, why not start a business that can remain invisible but point to the creative forces that have some performance, project, idea, or event to offer.

And so Malden Creates, was born: a local business that is an invisible catalyst to instigating and enabling creative action in Malden. To learn more, go to maldencreates.com