Malden Arts Cake

Photo courtesy of @SpizzyP, Paula Spizzeri also co-host of the Neighborhood Dish.

It is May 19th – and a grassroots arts movement in Malden becomes official as over 40 people gathered at the Malden YMCA to celebrate the first annual meeting of Malden Arts.

Malden Arts did not always have a formal board, bylaws, and a Federal ID number. It started as a loosely held group of local artists who wished for a more beautiful and vibrant place to call home. Ideas, collaboration, emails, and a flurry of press releases gave birth to the Window Arts Malden celebration, the Switchbox Project, the Salon Series, and more. Not alone in its artful efforts but certainly active and enthusiastic, Malden Arts has turned a corner to a status that makes it eligible to receive and issue grants. It is poised to be a robust and dynamic entity that stands for and with all kinds of designers, musicians, artists, artisans, media professionals and creative businesses to channel and facilitate more art in Malden.

With its newly minted status, Malden Arts  is calling all Malden and vicinity painters, poets, musicians, designers, architects, actors, actresses, directors, film makers, videographers, sculptors, writers, journalists, landscape designers, art instructors, music instructors, curators, singers, songwriters, graphic artists, web designers, interior designers, floral designers, cake decorators, DJs, game designers, comic book makers, photographers, culinary artists, bands, performing groups of any kind, cultural organizations, museums, art cafes, venue managers, etc to be part of the movement in Malden. Sign up for the Creative Ground directory so you are recognized as part of Malden Arts and the ever-growing Creative Economy in Malden.